A. Project Definition

This section provides an overview of the data that we have. the overview of what the project is about, along with details about the metrics that are used to evaluate and choose the model.

  1. Project Overview

This project includes using SparkML to create a machine learning model to create new features from existing features and using that to predict churn of users of a music streaming application. In addition to this, we deploy the solution to the IBM cloud in order to use the entire data set, which is bigger in size in order to train the…

‘Data is the new oil.’ You’ve probably heard this over a thousand times but it is more true now than it has ever been before. Every company and individual businesses collect all kinds of data, ranging from really basic things like ‘how many times you pick up the phone in a day?’ to things like ‘What is it that you watch on Netflix the most?’. They collect these data points to understand a plethora of things ranging from consumer liking to spending habits etc. …

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